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Door Reinforcement Steel Plates

Wood Is Easily Snapped



Luckily STEEL Is Not!!!

StepAhead Security specialise’s in installing discreet customised steel door plates to prevent your door from been forced-in while been attacked with force by an intruder.

The steel plate protects against
kick-ins, forced entry, lever & jemmy attacks.

How The Steel Plate Protects Your Door.

When the steel plate is not installed and the door is locked.

steel-plate-installed-under-door-frameIf the door is forced in anyway the bolt of the lock which goes
into the door frame will take the full force of the attack and snap
the wood of the door frame and the door will open.

When the steel plate is installed and the door is locked.
When the door is forced the steel plate will hold everything
together even if the bolt of the lock snaps the wood of the
door frame the bolt will then hit the steel plate which will then take
the force of the attack and keep the door closed and secure.

Details About The Manufacture Of The Door Reinforcement Steel Plate.


  • The steel plate is manufactured in house in Ireland by StepAhead Security.
  • The steel plate can be installed on the lock side & also the hinge side of the door.
  • We can customise it to any door.
  • The plate is 3mm thick mild steel.
  • We secure the plate to the solid wall with 3 high strength 8.8 bolts.
  • The plate is spay painted with 5 coats of primer.
  • It can be painted any colour when installed to match the wall or the door surround.


stock-photo--d-white-people-repairer-with-a-wrench-and-a-toolbox-isolated-white-background-d-image-105850667stock-photo--d-white-people-repairer-with-a-wrench-and-a-toolbox-isolated-white-background-d-image-105850667If you require StepAhead Security to install your new door reinforcement steel plate please contact us by phone our email, please click here for our contact page. We will be happy to get back to you as quickly as possible with a free quote.

  Unfortunately We Are Only Installing In Dublin And Surrounding Counties.


Door Reinforcement Steel Plate’s









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